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Hey There

I'm Stefan, a fully qualified Integrative Counsellor, with a mission to understand you and help you unlock your potential.

I have a rich multicultural background and experience in various professional environments. Previously, I've worked both individually and as part of a team within private and corporate settings. My diverse background includes roles in sales, management, business, hospitality, retail, and services – quite a mix, right?

All About Me

My life took an interesting turn, leading me to the path of counselling after facing my own questions and challenges years ago. This journey sparked a passion within me to delve deeper into helping others navigate their emotional distress and personal difficulties. And what a journey it’s been, from exploring Counselling Skills to becoming a qualified integrative counsellor. 

Fluent in both English and Romanian, I can offer therapy sessions in both languages and this is an advantage that some of my clients benefit from. 


My exposure to different cultures has taught me to value various perspectives of individual experiences, and I'm all about providing unconditional understanding. I am passionate about discovering and, at times, challenging theoretical knowledge, but more importantly, I thrive on understanding and appreciating other's unique individual perspectives. My dedication to continuous learning is reflected in attending numerous CPD courses that offer valuable insight that empowers me to address specific issues in therapy using specific effective considerations.


I have been volunteering with the Listening Post – Counselling in Gloucestershire, and it's been a great experience. In contrast, I've recognised that other services and agencies can be rigid in their approach and accessibility, at times making it challenging for individuals to discover the right tailored support they need. This experience has fueled my determination to advocate for more efficient ways to help those that struggle the most with identifying and accessing suitable support based on their unique circumstances.

Continuing to grow professionally, I'm committed to continuous development. This is a requirement of the BACP’s professional standards, of which I am an individual member, but it is also a personal drive that excites me on my journey.


Let's embark on this journey together! Reach out to me, and we can schedule a session that works for you. Looking forward to connecting!



Foundation Degree in Therapeutic Counselling (Level 5)

                  Gloucestershire College / University of Gloucestershire 

Certificates in Counselling Studies (Level 2 and 3)

                  Gloucestershire College

Award in Introduction to Counselling (Level 2)

                  Gloucestershire College

Certificate in Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health (Level 2)

                  NCFE - CACHE / Petroc College

DBS Checked

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